7 Snacks Perfect for Summer

June 06, 2018



We admit we are shocked that summer is around the corner. We certainly deserve warm weather, beach days and are happy that these are just a few weeks away but wow, time to think about summer lunches.
Whether you'll be trekking around town traveling about with your kids or sending them to summer camp, you will most likely need snacks, snack and more snacks. Yes, your tribe have your favorites still we thought we share our picks with you as there are a few new ones that have hit the market that make snacking healthier and easier to pack. Sure we'd love to show up at the pool with some DIY snacks that we whipped up our selves, let's be real we have multiple kids to juggle and need to get out of the house fast. These snacks are perfect for adding to a lunch box or being thrown in your summer bag, and off you go to enjoy summer.

Nourish Granola Bites
Founded by nutritionist Joy Bauer, these snacks are both nutritional with ingredients that are good for our kids and even us parents. The plus is they are tasty and easy to tote along for a quick and healthy bite. Available in 5 bites our favorites are the Chocolate Banana, coconut, and Double Chocolate. Full disclosure... although we had these for the kid's we also found ourselves eating these delicious treats. A lot! Also please note that these snacks are not baby food, we found that they were great snacks for the pre-k and up group.

Sprout Plant Power Snacks
Sprout is a favorite for their baby and toddler purees, many of you may know them for their pouches, but they have upped the game in snacks with these new treats. Since many of us may deal with picky eaters, which we know to well here at MB, we need to get protein in our kid's diets which is why we love these plant-powered protein snacks. Ingredients such as beans, lentils, pumpkin, and carrot are just a few ways our we can sneak get our kids to eat healthier meals and get their nutrition game on.

Curlz in Broccoli, White Cheddar, and Sweet Potato Cinnamon
The pickiest toddler on the block tested these Curlz. Perhaps he was wooed by the sea salt and the rosemary in the ingredients, we appreciate the broccoli powered over these baked treats.

Red Fruit Beet & Berry Crispy Chews
Looking for a snack to replace gummy snacks we find that is the perfect mix of chewy with a twist of crisp in these fruit and veggie snacks make for sweet alternative t this kid favorite.
Made with whole grain rice mixed with beet, apple and berry purees and juices these small bits have a nice kick for the taste buds that a toddler and older would love.

GoGo Squeeze
This brand started with a simple applesauce squeeze pouch and has become a favorite with kids. Broadening their offerings one can now find yummy flavor mixes that kids and parents will appreciate snacks for both babes and older. Flavors such as Grippin Grapes and Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist make for a perfect on the go summer snack.

Organic Lowfat Yogurt Squishers
As most parents know yogurt in a tube is kids preferred way to consume yogurt; we prefer the tubes for the easy packing in lunch boxes. Why we love these squishers from Trader Joes is that they are affordable in comparison to other brands and for being preservative free and made with no artificial flavors.

gimMe Snacks Organic Seaweed Thins
With 4 Grams of Protein and 7 grams of fiber, these seaweed snacks make for a great pick me up with their toasted flavor. Organic, non-GMO and Gluten Free these are a great vegan option and are quite addicting to eat. Our kids eat these up in less than a minute.

Plum Organics Mighty Snack Bars, Organic Toddler Snack
Another favorite, these snack bars are filled with a fruit and veggie filling. Perfect for small hands to grip and hold yet soft enough for a toddler to nibble on. Five whole grains and 11 vitamins and minerals per bar.

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