Happy New Year!

January 01, 2016


MB didn't post on 'mom' resolutions this year. Don't get me wrong, I believe goals, lists are extremely helpful in reminding and achieving ones wants or needs. I just feel personally as a mother my goals have become a bit more simplify and as I myself am still ‘figuring’ out things how can I be the ‘total’ expert on achieving goals when 2015 was for me was a year of deep introspective. 2015 had many high and lows as my family worked on building our family, finding a family home and although we mapped everything out, did oodles of paperwork, appointments and phone calls ...we realized that sometimes you will be thrown blocks. I learned it is how you handle them that really measure how you see your life. Not that I have always been graceful as my sister- in -law Bee can attest to this from my rambling phone calls. Sometimes a mama needs to go to that 'safe space' meaning lean on a trusted friend.

I was reading this post on Kelly Rutherford’s instagram on something that my friend Jen Weiner posted about. I truly feel her words hit the nail on the head on what 2015 meant to me and I am looking forward to having these lessons learned shape 2016.

And of course having MB readers who come from all over -still amaze that we have readers from Japan, France, Slovenia and China to just name a few that read this little blog. Thank you. By visiting this site we know that all mothers from everywhere all want to feel that connection of what another mother may be feeling, going through or even just wearing. Here is to another year together!

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