Happy Weekend.

January 09, 2016

First week back from Holiday break and it was rough. I wanted to eat and take naps however I and hopefully you made it through. At the same time being back at work felt like a break!

In case you miss Erica's post on her birth story-definitely give it a read. Visit us on social media for more MB! Facebook Instagram Pinterest


Cool MLK outing!

NYKIDS CLUB Day Camp for MLK up to age 8. Info.


Cool classes with a few  avail spots left!

After-school program today based on Science for children ages 3-6! Click on photo for link.

Worth The Read

  • When Can Women Stop Trying to Look Perfect? via NYT
  • The Future Of C-Section Care Is Here -- And It's Way Better For Moms via HuffPost Parents
  • British mum's hilarious cartoons highlight the daily struggles of parenting via Mashable


Photo Credit: Love Taza


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