5 A-mazing baby gadgets

January 19, 2016


When I first had my son I didn't have many gadgets as I was determine to not gather clutter. Fast forward 6 months and I had 'stuff'. These things..simply put made my life easier and we all need a little (safe) shortcuts) when juggling a little one.  Whether you are getting ready for baby or in the midst of baby/toddler stage, here are 5 item/gadgets that we feel are a bit of a life saver. 



1. I wish I knew of this gadget when my some was a baby for giving him medicine was hell. Medicine and liquid remains seperate until baby starts using. The Adiri MD+ Nurser via Drugstore.com

2. Trust me your baby is going to crazy things with their paci so one with a shield is a smart way to assure less germs in their mouth. RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier - Finley Clown Fish via Diapers.com

3. Swollen gums and new teeth can find some relief with this cool disk. great when out and about and baby is fussy from teething as it chills instantly in cold water. Oh, That Baby! Toofeze via Wee Babe

4. Us city moms love these sorts of gadgets as we walk everywhere and especially in winter everything is cold. This self warming bottle will warm in 4 mintues. Also perfect for those middle of the night feedings. iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle Blue/Green via Amazon

5. Boogie pulling. It's gonna happen and you have to get them out. This genius nasal aspirator is a must to get your baby's mucus out..allowing baby to breathe better. BoogiePully Baby Nasal Aspirator via Amazon


Photo: Of hearth and home/ Sarah Hart



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