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April 03, 2017


A long time fan of The Local Rose I have looked to Shiva Rose's blog for my dose of California scenery and wellbeing. With healthy recipes and posts on finding your balance I have been gravitating more then ever to this site as I have been finding that my tired body needs to find some balance. I no longer live up in the hills or near the ocean. I live in a busy, busy place yet I need to get back to the more organic way of living and The Local Rose has been an amazing resource on obtaining this balance. I was thrilled to see that Shiva is now sharing her knowledge in beauty and these products reflect the values of what her site is about. Natural. Earthy. Toxic Free. The products feel pure and natural which is just what a stress out mama needs. Along with my night routine I have been using the Nectar Body Oil and the Rose Face Oil. The essential oils are just the right balance…not overwhelming in scent, smooth and soft have been the results thus far. The plus is that I have been using a dab of the Nectar Body Oil after bath time on my sensitive skin boy. I feel that with eating better and really watching what I put on my skin I am walking the walk. Or at least trying. Which counts in my book.

Yesterday we finally had some bit of Spring which seems perfect for a  Q&A with Shiva Rose Beauty as a way to start our week.  

MB: I have been loving your site The Local Rose for some time. Can you tell us what prompted you to start Shiva Rose?

I started my site The Local Rose seven years ago when I made a complete shift in my life. I was coming out of a painful divorce and had debilitating auto immune conditions. 
I decided to change my life completely and live closer to nature with my two daughters. We began growing our own food, and living with a deeper connection to the natural world. I started my blog to document this and to be able to inspire others. At the time there weren’t as many holistic yet chic sites. I wanted to show eating organically and wearing non toxic beauty products could be stylish and add more benefits to our lives.


MB: Shiva Rose Beauty is a new venture for you-how did this come about?
My beauty line Shiva Rose started after I saw it in meditation during one of my Kundalini classes. My line is 100% toxic free and all derived from the beautiful power of plants and flowers. From writing for my site The Local Rose, I was aware of the high rate of cancer among women from using beauty products, and I wanted to create an alternative to that. My line is inspired by mantras and crystals and truly fuses ancient wisdom with modern technology. 


MB: We are all such busy mothers. Can you recommend a few of your products for the stress out mom?

I understand being a tired mama! I am a single mama most of the time and for me my greatest relief is my bath time. I feel strongly women need beauty rituals in their lives to promote self love. This can be healing and lead to a healthy vibrant life. I take time each day for myself and the bath time is usually my time. I recommend using the Moon Rose Bath Salts since they are made with frankincense and rose which are very healing and open the heart. The salts are made with detoxifying pink salt form the mountains of Himalaya, salts from the Dead Sea and  Bolivian Rose salt. I always follow the baths with one of body oils which replenish and nourish the skin with sunflower, almond, borage, evening primrose, apricot seed oils and more. These oils were chosen because of how they fortify women and their hormonal system.


Thank you The local Rose & Shiva Beauty for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with MB! Shop Shiva Rose Beauty



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