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January 28, 2016

Anyone with small children...or kids in general know of the frustration of wanting to plan something in the neighborhood but not sure where to go. Whether you are the parent who plans ahead (by ahead I mean a week mamas) or need an activity (fast!) while already out and about SkipKid is a recently launch site with you in mind.

After Denise and Callie, two Brooklyn moms who started SkipKid were kind enough to get in touch with MB to share this new venture, we asked, hey...tell us what you're all about. 

MB: How did you start SkipKid ?

SK: We met and became fast friends when our oldest children were only a few weeks old. When our children were a few months old, we began looking for activities for the kids and quickly realized that there was no reliable, comprehensive resource for drop-in activities in our neighborhood. Scheduling activities between naps and mealtimes can be a challenge, and we imagined other moms and caregivers felt the same way. So we started SkipKid.

MB: What is SkipKid ? What can one find? Are there any costs?

SK: SkipKid is a mobile website that features a complete, up-to-date listing of all drop-in activities in Brooklyn, sortable by neighborhood. It's free to use and to subscribe. We send out a couple of emails a week to our subscribers with our recommendations for mid-week and weekend family activities. 

MB: What areas do you cover?

SK: We cover about twenty Brooklyn neighborhoods and are especially active in neighborhoods with a ton of kid-friendly activities: Park Slope, BoCoCa, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights, etc.

MB: Ages?

SK: The site is geared toward children ages zero to four but you can find events for older kids, too. Most of the events we cover in our weekend roundups are for the whole family, whatever age your kids might be.

MB: What can we expect from SkipKid in the near future?

SK: We launched SkipKid in September and have grown to have more than a thousand monthly users. We are looking to expand our reach to all the neighborhoods we cover, and we expect to move into Manhattan, too.

MB: Lastly, How does one use you site? 

SK: We tried to make the site as user friendly as possible. SkipKid works on any computer or mobile device. Simply select your neighborhood from the drop-down menu to find a complete list of daily drop-in activities. We encourage users to subscribe for weekly emails featuring special weekday and weekend events as well.


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