Eat Real Ice Cream this Summer!

March 27, 2013


Since the warm weather is almost here, I’d wanted to share a wee warning about ice cream with unsuspecting parents. A parent asked on a listserv if something had changed with Breyer’s ice cream. A woman responded that they have reformulated their recipe and some of their ice cream was now called ‘frozen dairy dessert’ because it wasn’t technically ice cream according to the FDA. In fact at Fairway on Monday a mom was buying Breyers and I pointed out what I had heard. She promptly returned the frozen dairy dessert and switched it for ice cream.

Ice cream is the most wonderful & purest thing in the world: cream, milk, sugar, eggs and a flavor. What on earth is frozen dairy dessert? Its corn syrup and carrageenan (a known carcinogen).


This isn’t to get on a soap box. I just want parents to know that corn syrup is being added to your ice cream for ‘texture’ and the only indication you’ll have of it being is your ice cream is if you look at the package and notice the tiny lettering on the bottom. Keep an eye out! Its not just Breyers - its also several other brands. In fact, if I were you, I’d stick with local, small batch yumminess like Alden’s, Phin & Phebes (at Brooklyn Kitchen), Van Leeuwen, Malu (in LIC), Ronnybrook & The Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

Photo: TripAdvisor

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