8 Pieces MB ♥'s for winter

February 15, 2016




The weather here is frigid, not like ohh I can wear my fattest/coziest sweater weather although you can. It is so cold even that sweater can go so far. Yesterday, when I ventured out to take my boy to a V-day party it was only 14 degrees. This is what I always deem the style ironic time of the year. Freezing... yet spring and summer clothes are starting to hit the stores. The thing is about this time I become sick of my clothes and want a piece or two to shake up the wardrobe a bit. This is something that even warm weather climate mamas may feel. They just do not have to worry about layering, lucky chicas.

Here are 8 items that could be worn now. Add sweater tights with the gold skirt, the jean jacket under a winter coat and your set. The scarf for me is the first to go, I need a bit of color in these cold days and although most spring scarves out are not wool, they are long enough to be styles a few loops. I added the clogs, for Brooklyn mothers do not give up their clogs even in cold weather, they add thick socks or tights and look quite fab.

1. Retro Turtleneck Sweater in Grey via Chic Wish

2. Accordion Pleated Skirt via Zara

3. The Rolled Sleeved Trucker Jacket via Net A Porter

4. Who What Wear Knotted Belt via Target

5. Metallic Marled Trouser Socks via Madewell

6. Weave Clogs Swedish Mid - Heels via Sven

7. Tile Jacquard Scarf via Madewell

8. McGuire shore Leave Jean via Jcrew



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