WOW! Pillowfort Target's new Home Collection is A-mazing!

February 15, 2016






We are excited about Target's new line Pillowfort that will be launching February 21st. Pillowfort's line consist of more then than 1,200 pieces of furniture, bedding and more which means there is plenty to choose from. This line is geared not only to the kid but for the parents. It is about building or updating a room that grows with your family. We love it for it is an aesthetic that won't overwhelm apartment living in tight living spaces and for being gender neutral. The best part are the prices which are affordable and means a room can be put together or upgraded without the breaking the bank.

A few of our favs:

Hello Plaque, $22.99

Teeppe, $89.99

Unicorn Table Lamp in gold, $ 29.99 

Twins Forest Friends Sheet Set, $ 17.99

Mid Century Night Stand in Aqua Mint, $79.99

Unicorn Head Wall Decor, $ 19.99


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