How to swaddle a newborn

April 09, 2013

Finally my niece arrived over the weekend. She is of course precious and I had forgotten how tiny newborns are! I learned to swaddle when I was 13 with the arrival of a little sister. In my experience Latin swaddles their babies tight and when I became a mother I was afraid to use the techniques I was taught however my nurse swaddled my screaming son in minutes with an ultra tight swaddle that quickly cocooned him and put him at ease. I was never at ease swaddling him tight however I learned to do a firm hold  once he started to move his arms out and was heavy enough I went onto a swaddle sleep sack which was a God send.
To Swaddle:
Start with a blanket that is meant to swaddle.

Step 1

Start by spreading the receiving blanket out on a bed, the floor, or a couch. Fold down one corner, then lay baby diagonally on the blanket so that her head and neck are above the fold. She can be dressed in light clothing, or bare except for her diaper.

Step 2

Take one corner of the blanket across baby’s body and tuck it under her back. If she’s on a raised surface, keep one hand on top of her at all times. Though babies young enough to be swaddled aren’t agile enough to roll over, a sudden reflex could cause them to move.

Step 3

Next, take the opposite corner of the blanket and fold it over baby’s chest. Tuck some of it behind her back and some of it into the rest of the blanket. Make sure her nose and mouth are not covered.

Step 4

Finally, take the bottom triangle of the blanket and tuck it gently under baby’s chin to complete the swaddling. Be certain that baby is not wrapped too tightly. She’ll be most comfortable if she feels snug, not squeezed.

Step 5

Baby will feel most snug if her arms are tucked in at her sides. Once she falls asleep, you can lay her on her back in the crib and gently unwrap her. Undress baby down to her diaper.

I like swaddle sacks from Target and Halo Sleep Sacks are amazing. Need more postnatal tips on your newborn? Here is a useful guide from Jessica of helpful resources.

5 step tips Photo Source: via Deb on Pinterest

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