Recipes for the family: Shrimp with Avocado Spring Rolls

April 09, 2013


The upside of dating before meeting the one is that you bring experiences to your relationship. Thus is why my husband knows Asian cuisine. From his ex-girlfriend he has taught me how to make sushi and these yummy spring rolls. They were quite hard at first, I could not quite get the wrappings soft enough to have them not break when rolling. My husband also accused me of making them like burritos when I first started, hey dude, I’m Latin, what do you want? Now I’m quite good and the rolls take minutes to make and a plus is they are delicious and healthy.

Ingredients I use:

8  Spring Roll Wrappers, I buy mine at Wholefoods for they always have the rice mixture that is gluten free.

1/2 pound of Vietnamese Rice vermicelli

15-24 medium sized cooked shrimp, I put about 3 in each role depending on size of shrimp.

6 scallions, cut thinly

Cucumbers or carrots, thinly sliced, I put about 3 in each roll

1/2 cup of basil or cilantro leaves

Peanut sauce for dipping *if your children are eatting peanuts

* I do not use lettuce leaves however most recipes call for lettuce.

Because the cooking directions can be a bit confusing when first learning to make spring rolls I think Martha Stewart’s directions are the best when first learning, once you get them down, so easy.

Photo, Motherburg

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