Nursery room to toddler room, easy upgrades

April 15, 2013






I cannot believe how fast my boy is growing. We recently had to revamp his space again and are planning an even larger revamp with a wall here and new grown up art work, meaning not baby. Right now we’re still bit in the in between as mom is having a hard time parting with some of the stuff animals from the nursery days. Until he throws them at me in disgust I plan to keep them around.

Some simple ways I made changes:

Twin bed, a toddler bed can work for most young children however my kid is tall and he kept breaking his small bed. We looked at a variety of beds from the very cheap to the eco- friendly and although I wanted to go green, I decided this bed was more sensible and work within our budget, which turn out not to matter for my in laws ended up buying it for their grandson. Lucky us! The only thing with being in Brooklyn I couldn’t find the bed near by  and it had to be purchased out of state and driven in by my in laws. Sounds complicated but they actually road trip here often.

T-rex- yup he’s as scary as he looks but right up my kids alley. It also brought the room up many notches to a serious boy space. T-rex is heavy and is meant for 8 and up so I place him in an area that feels safe and my son cannot reach him.

I had this Eames knock off rocking chair in the nursey and still love it. I place it by his bed so I can work while he hangs out on his bed. I took off the faux sheepskin I had on it during the nursery days, place it down as a rug and redecorated it with my old faux vest and pillows I’ve had for ages.

This hook is a fun replacement to the more nursery-ish hooks I had up and only $3.

I pulled this lucite box from the trash when the ELLE magazine team left, hey their trash is my treasure. I place plenty of padding (Ikea Faux sheepskin) around the play area as I can get over all the bruise this kid gets. I also use large tote bags I’ve had for years as storage in an effort to recycle what we already have.

My Inspiration:Kid decor pinterest page

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