Motherhood Musings: My new daily

February 26, 2016

So, I have to say, having three children isn't as hard as one would imagine.  Granted, it is still somewhat early, and as my youngest gets more mobile, it might be trickier, but right now, I have a decent routine.  We might be 5 minutes late to school some days, but we are slowly getting into a groove and when we move along in the mornings, we are on time, and, on a rare occasion, early.
The hardest part of having three has been my social life.  I find time to shower, brush my teeth, straighten my hair..... I even apply make up every day.  I pack lunches, make breakfast, and I try to cook dinner a few times a week.  Thanks to delivery services, the groceries are delivered, the laundry gets picked up, and dinner sometimes arrives.  As a family of five we have eaten out a few times, went to a show, we visit family.
But I hardly see my friends.  I pass some of them as we rush to school, or as I rush to my part time job.  A few times I have been lucky to see them at the bakery and we catch up while buying fresh rye bread.  But some days I wake up at 5:30 and go, go, go until 10.  Too tired to even send a text, I manage to 'like' a few social media posts and then pass out.  I used to have text conversations regularly, and now I don't reply for hours, sometimes days. 
As important as friendships are, I feel like I need this family time. I enjoy my family. Watching my children play or read makes me happy (fighting and arguing do not - lol). This is such a short period of time. As I have seen with my older two, who will be 5 and 7 soon (WHAT?!?), this time flies and I want to enjoy it. 
Luckily, my friends seem to get it.  A quick hello, a kiss for the baby, and promises of getting together soon - not empty, because we all mean it, and we will make it happen - but they get that it might not be this week, this month, or this season.  No guilt. No anger. Just acceptance. And isn't that what a true friend is?  

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