Happy Mother's Day.

May 12, 2013


Last night as I process what has been a challenging few weeks I read the most beautiful poem from Casey Leigh of The Wiegands regarding her son who is growing up. With all lifes struggles & challenges this poem reminds me of why I so love being a mother.

Open hands.

Us mamas…
we wake up early, we tend to every need.
We cradle them in the night and we whisper and hold them close when they are afraid of the dark shadows in the hours when the world is sleeping.
We walk through the halls of our homes checking each bed, kissing each forehead… only hearing the small squeaks from our toes as they run along the long, cold floors. I often run my fingers slowly through their hair as they are off in a dreamland of slumber.

Us mamas.
We kiss their ouchies and we rock them to sleep with a lullaby.
We teach them how to be and how to love.

We show them what to live for and fight for…
we start out as the tiny voice they hear in their little minds. 

We love fiercely.
We fear fiercely.

We beg God for protection and gasp for air when we think about how vulnerable our hearts are now forever out in the world walking around in other tiny bodies.

Us mamas we take these tiny fragile innocent beings…. and we raise them, and love them and fight for them in every battle big and small. 

Being a mama hurts. Loving something so passionately and so fiercely hurts.
But it is so beautifully rewarding & life giving. 

Time. It gives and it takes. 

Happy Mother’s day.

Post By Donna

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