Chic Comfort Mom

May 27, 2013



I have a penchant for Boho, peasant-y type of clothes. I have to be careful not to go completely crazy but I have gravitated towards this style for as long as I can remember. My mother would wear long gauzy dresses and billowy embroidered tops she would pick up from her travels, a style that fit perfectly in her warm weather world. Now as a mother myself I like this look for the ease it takes to get ready and the comfort factor. It doesn’t hurt that the fits hide the few pounds I have added on after a long winter (comfort food damn you!) Also, if you are going for the comfort factor then might as well throw on some drawstring pants(not the scary kind!) and chic flats.

1. Zara Embroidered Dress 

2. Gap Leather Tote in milk

3. Madewell Embroidered Peasant Top

4. Jcrew Baja Embroidered Top

5. Zara Trousers with turn over waistband

6. Madewell Bluestone Cuff

7. Zara Soft Moccasin

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