Summer Lunch Packing

June 10, 2013



Hard to believe that another school year has flown by. For most parents there are summer camps in the future, plans for long days at the park, a long list of activities to keep our kids busy and happy.

The summer for my son has a lot going on and most of what is plan requires a pack lunch with no refrigeration available. This always freaks me out, for I am always worried my boy's lunch will not stay cold enough. I know that he'll be in hot environments and his lunch will have to hold up and be safe enough for him to eat come lunch time.  

I did a bit of research and here are a few lunch packing solutions I found will hold up if like me- you need to send your child out this summer with a packed lunch.

1. Kids Konserve insulated reusable Sack with added ice back will keeps kids lunch cool enough till lunch. I always feel that adding the bag in the freezer the night before doesn't hurt.

2. Pack It Freezable Lunch Bag  A few reasons I am using the Pack it for my son this summer is first my co-worker who worked at a popular parents magazine swears by it. Second, it was designed by two moms. Lastly, the bag which you place in the freezer the night before works as a insulated cooler which is exactly what I want in a lunch bag. Velcro closure. PVC and lead-free, also free of phthalates & BPA

3. Contain This Perfect Sandwich Lunch Container via Amazon . Skip the soggy sandwich with this baby that separates all the accoutrements. To keep the sandwich a cool 40 degrees for 5 hours add the Perfect Chill that comes with the container. After you have frozen the Perfect Chill add to the container and va la your kiddos sandwich is ready to go. BPA and phthalate-free.

4. Kids Konserve Insulated Lunch Container via Lands End, perfect for hot foods such as mac and cheese and pasta. Can also be placed in the freezer and used to insulate cold foods. BPA, phthalate and Lead free.

5. Sugar Booger Hoot Lunch Sack via Amazon Need something that is perfect for an morning or afternoon in the park and easy to pack up? The Sugar Booger Lunch Sack is perfect for snacks when you want insulation however not a heavy lunch bag. I especially love this bag for the string cheeses, carrots and juices that I don't want to overheat while my boy is running wild in the sun.





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