Packing for a summer day out

June 26, 2013


Since becoming a mother I've turned a bit into my in laws who are master trip packers. I use to go to the water park (for non-New Yorkers this is our relief from the heat) and forget everything. Most moms I know, myself included end up staying for hours at the park especially for us city dwellers who do not have a yard. Now that it's summer there will be park days, a beach vacation is happening for my family. Here is how I pack it up for the summer. What do you pack that is useful? Share your tips with us!

LeSportsac Reversible Beach Tote via Zappos -roomy and can be reversed to look less beachy when your running around. Usually I like bags where sand cannot get stuck in the bag however my main use for a tote is to hold snacks, extra clothes and towels with snacks so I tend to keep bag closed.

Lunchskins reuseable sandwich and snack bags. I love these bags. I pack up a sandwich , it stays dry and fresh when my kid is ready to eat. Easy to use, clean and no plastic bags to litter the environment.

Turkish T Towels- If you not familiar with Turkish towels they may look like large kitchen towels but Turkish towels are known for being made of quality cotton. Since they are woven they are soft and wick away water, light weight for carrying and last FOREVER. I used them as a blanket , cover up and towel.

Scout Insulated Bags and Coolers- this is for you serious moms out there who pack up drinks and cold lunch for all. Though not a traditional cooler these bags work as a cooler by keeping your cold goodies cold enough at least for a few hours. I received these bags ages ago and use them to go to the farmers market. I just throw in an ice pack or two to keep everything cold just a bit longer.

Fedora by Crewcuts- I use to forget a hat constantly. I finally trained myself to bring a hat once warm weather hits the East Coast. The best part is my son is now use to wearing a hat and no longer throws it back at me. 

Sun Bum- We only recommend sunscreens we have tested and this one is pretty darn great. It is light weight and with the Vitamin E keeps the skin soft. It's Paraben and PABA free as well as oil free which is great for the kids with sensitive skin.

Supergoop! SPF 30 City Sunscreen-Parents don't forget your needs and protecting thy face is important. Even if your face moisturizer has sunscreen it's most likely no more then a SPF 15. For as long as we are out there in the sun we need a longer and lasting protector. This brand is nice for it isn't heavy and goes on light.

Toys & Games- Basically don't forget to pack some kind of prop/toy for the kiddies so there will be plenty for all to go around .


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