A summer learning workbook on the iPad via Timbuku

June 28, 2013

It's been some time since we have done a Timbuku post and found this to be a great post from them. All apps are available in Timbuku's e-magazine. We can't wait to try Oscar Pizza Chef! On another note I ran into our friend Samantha yesterday and she had some really great workbooks she picked up at Staples. I like the idea of doing both some great apps and workbooks for the summer so my kid doesn't get more addicted to the ipad and keeps school lessons going which will help a lot once school starts up again.

1. Math Mysteries, A leaking pool

Your kids will solve a two-step math problem, while trying to solve a mystery about a leaking pool!


2. Auntie Rita, Trip to the zoo

Help Auntie Rita put these pictures in the right box and learn about mammals, amphibians and reptiles!


3. Betty, Summer good resolutions.

Children love to correct other people’s mistakes! Have them play with Betty, and check out the grammar of this lovely Wiener Dog’s diary.

4. Lars and Yoko, Ice on a string!

This duo of twins will delight your kids with a series of small, fun science experiments! This month they learn about the impact salt has on ice, and how to raise an ice cube floating in water with the aid of a string!

5. Pizza!

Drag the ingredients on your pizza and get a preview of our brand new cooking app: Oscar Pizza Chef!

6. Creative videos

A special video titled “The truth about Polar Bears”, a whimsical video byRockband Land, dubbed by an amazing kid.

7. Current events: draw the news!

Kids can illustrate Timbuktu’s newspaper and learn about the most interesting news from all over the world. This month, we picked a fun event in London!

8. Spelling

Kids learn a lot of new words when they read Timbuktu Magazine. We make sure they don’t forget them, by asking them to spell the new words they learned on this funny game.

9. Finally, a monster!

Eegor is the hairy monster that kids can face and beat after they read all the stories in the issue. They spin Eegor’s wheel, and get a question about the stories they read. If they get the question right, they can shave the monster!

Well, you got it. It’s super fun. Download it for free on the App Store, check it out, and

subscribe for $4.99 per month, or only $29.99 per year!




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