Expectant mom support

July 16, 2013

We've been receiving a few inquiries from expectant moms on our favorite resources. There are quite a few out there that we love but here are 5 that will hopefully help a mom -to -be get started!

1. Expecting? well rounded ny is an amazing resource of posts and advice for expectant moms.

2. Baby Food recipes( I liked reading them while pregnant)? weelicious

3. Pre-natal Classes: Caribou Baby provides the best pre and post baby support to expectant moms. Breastfeeding, babywearing, local baby sources, childbirth education. They also have a  curated online store with a  well informed staff on all their products if your shopping from outside of New York.

4. Women support, understanding post partum depression and all around support to mothers Fierce and Powerful .

5. Amazing doulas at Carriage House Doulas and Doula Rachel. Do not live in Brooklyn? Dona International will help you find a doula.



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