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July 22, 2013


Last week in hundred degree weather I was suprised at how many people had sweaters on on the train. It's quite easy to understand why, it may be humid and hot outside, yet when I walk into my office I am freezing. Also, we aren't that far off from fall, thus some of you may be in the market for clothes. The great thing about the upcoming fall season is that it has a lot of color and prints- wait to you see all the color variations of leopard that will be hitting the stores. Making your wardrobe for you is key . If like me you need your clothes to work for the weekend as well as for your job or the days you aren't staying at home, shop for items that can be worn with light weight pieces, yet can be layered come fall.

I can easliy see a vivid floral pant (such as #2) with a grey sweater, chunky military coat and a chambray shirt under the leopard tee. I know the frayed denim skirt is pretty trendy and can't be worn to all professional or serious places but it's that one fun piece that you'll appreciate when you need something less serious in your closet.

1. Top with pleated top via Zara

2, Oriental Floral Cigarette via Topshop

3. Structured Animal Tee via Topshop

4. Jumpsuit with elastic waist via Zara

5. Patent Blucher via Zara

6. Moto Acid Wash Midi Skirt via Topshop (The frayed skirts are suprisingly expensive, I suggest if you want the fray look diy or email me and I'll tell you how.)


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Photo via Autumn Fever

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