Building friendships....

August 01, 2013

My son is starting a new school next month. He had been at the same school since he entered their nursery school program. He had been with some of his classmates since they were 6 months old! Unfortunatley none of his former school friends are going to be at his new school, there will be a few friends from the neighborhood which is a relief for me since he will see some familiar faces. We moved to this neighborhood because it has a strong sense of community and I like so many moms in this electic part of Brooklyn. I wanted my son to have a similiar upbringing to my husband's who is still very close to his grade school friends. My family moved around often, I couldn't even tell you where any of my grade school friends are, even with facebook. I am excited for him to make new friends and hope that he will make a friend or two that he really connects with, forging long friendships. 

A few ways we got a jump started on this upcoming transition is by signing him up at the local camp in our neighborhood and soccer on weekends. There were many tears and hysterics the first few days in this new territory however he now loves going to camp everyday. Routine is nice but I think a healthy balance is good for kids and I want my child to know that change does happen and it can be fun. Having this change in routine has build a nice foundation that is helping him to be social in new settings, not that he is shy, however instead of ignoring a new child and playing solo I have loved seeing him make the effort to get to know new kids and talk about them at the end of the day. The best is when I walked in the other day and a young boy who had been equally hysterical the first week of camp exclaimed to my boy " I am so very happy to see you today!" Love.

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