DIY leggings

August 08, 2013


I found this DIY stripe legging pattern in kollabra and thought what a fun project. These leggings would be cute for toddlers(with safe fabric paint) as well as adults.

How to:

  • Fabric needs to be mainly natural fiber (a small percentage of lycra will be ok), this technique won't work on synthetic fabrics.  
  • Start by masking out the design. You can taped an inspiration design you have seen on pinterest or on a shopping site to the the side panel of a to brown paper to view while painting.  You can play around with different widths and spacing of your tape to create the design you want.
  • For this DIY normal black acrylic paint and mixed it with a textile medium was used. Put two parts paint to one part textile medium.  Mix together.

*If you want to use a light color, you need to mix with an opaque white fabric paint along with your textile medium. 

Start painting in the color combo you have chosen. Let Dry.

Peel off masking tape and voila!





Photo and instructions(modified by MB) Kollabra

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