5 products that make a parent's life easier

August 12, 2013

Spring finally feels that it is here which means you may be outside more after what has felt like a long winter. We know our kids are ready to get out more. Here are a few things that may seem like no brainers however if you are like us and have been in winter hibernation a nice reminder of what we should have in the cabinet and a few things for the diaper or day bag.

1. Wipes are a no brainer for most parents with babies however we find that having them with toddlers are still a must. The messy hands after eating, the questionable restaurant tables that need a wipe down, wet wipes are a must.

2. Dr. Bronner's soap has been around for ages and it's no wonder. It can be used  to hand wash clothing especially babies clothing which you may tend to change often. We have also used it to clean the floor (more coming in and out in sunnier weather) which if you have a crawling baby is nice since it is toxic free. 

3. We know, we just mention magic erasers last week, this is how much we're fans! When the sun starts shining in it's hard to not see every mark on the walls especially if they are white. Suddenly crayons and dirty handprints start to appear out of no where. This can be a bummer when you want some order in your life, just a bit for Gods sakes! These babies are just what you need to keep your space from looking like street art and feeling a bit tidy. 

4. It is a bit of a bummer when the light clothes and white start to get stained and it isn't very cost effective. As a stylist Donna has used whitening products for years. A safe one is Mrs. Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing. This is an easy way to get your children’s whites to become white again. We are not a huge bleach people for our little ones clothes and also feel that it starts breaking up the fabrics. This whitener breathes fresh life into those stained clothes that are not ready to go into the donation pile.

5. Our kids not only think we magicaly appeared to serve there every whim they also thinks we are large napkins. Since we are also working moms and if a kid decides to wipe his mouth on our shirt 30 second before we walk out the door we keep a  tide stick  so we can hopefully clean up before we hit a meeting or just any ttkktt/  



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