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August 14, 2013

I am craft challenged and fine myself wanting to do crafts but not having the right materials to put the crafts together. This is where Kiwi Crate saved me the last few weeks. C was out of camp a few days and then we went on vacation. Kiwi Crate craft boxes, which will deliver a craft box to you every month, saved us! The boxes have every single item you need for your purchased craft, including scissors. Charlie made a superhero cape, a robot for a robot rally and a pirate hat to go with his pirate adventure kit. The pirate hat I was a bit challenged on with helping him, thankfully his craft savvy aunt help save the hat. I plan on stocking up on these boxes for the season of birthday parties we have throughout the school year. At $19.95 the boxes are right at my budget, creative and best part there are left over supplies that can be used for future crafts.


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