Book to buy, Beating The Lunch Box Blues

August 14, 2013


As I mentioned in the past, my co-workers leave treats on my desk when I’m not in the office. While away last week some lovely left this book on my desk, Beating The Lunch Box Blues. The book is from blogger J.M Hirsch who has made it his mission to send his son to school with nutritional lunches he’ll actually eat. This book is going to be my bible for the school year for there are recipes that my picky eater of a son will actually eat. I plan on making him the pop-sticker lunch as well as the Mediterranean on the go lunch for his first week. This book has also inspire me to buy an insulated thermo for hot dishes, for I kind of gave up on sending him out with warm dishes for they were never warmed up in the past. I'm obsess. Inspired by these recipes. Yay for healthy lunch boxes!




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