Bib & Tuck, stylish clothing swap

September 03, 2013

At a shoot the other day I was expressing to the very stylish stylist that I wished there was a chic site that you can swap your clothes. She was shocked that I hadn't head of Bib & Tuck. I'm not sure how I missed this cool site but I am so glad my stylish friend invited me to the site. Yes it's that cool that you need to either ask to join or be invited. I get why. The clothes are well curated, you may find an amazing Zara piece at a great price or a designer bag at a steal. The prices are not out there, so great pieces feel attainable. How it works is you Bib what you like to sell, and Tuck what you'd like to buy. When something sells you make B&T money which is basically virtual money to buy pieces from other members. You can follow a member and constantly be updated on any new pieces she/he lists. I listed about 6 pieces and sold one within a day. Some lucky lady will soon be wearing a cozy Alexander Wang sweater that is scrumptious and warm and I now have some money to buy some items for fall without breaking the bank. I'm so excited about this new site that I cleaned my closet yesterday and plan to post new items by mid week. Click here to learn more.





Photo, Lucky Magazine





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