Do you go on date nights?

August 30, 2013

We don't. My sister- in law moved away in July and she had been that reliable, caring , no worries when your out person you don't have to worry about on a rare night out. Now I find myself wanting to go out more and have made it a point to start booking a baby sitter at least once a month so I can remember why I liked being around my husband to begin with. Even my single mom friends tell me they make it a point to go on a date at least once a month and definitely to go out with girlfriends since they do not have that partner to vent. According to the University of Virginia who did a study on the importance of date night says that the ritual of a date night is important to the marriage. This isn't a shocker but easier said then done with two tired parents. The University published some fancy graphs and strong arguments on why it is so important. I found the study quite interesting and this is obvious for we have a date night marked on the calender and soon my lucky hubby gets to spend a few hours with moi. Here is the pdf 

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