Back to school clothes, mixing it up.

August 30, 2013

I've been asked the last few weeks where I shop for the boy. We were lucky the first few years and recieved amazing hand me downs that I would mix with great pieces I'd score in the neighborhood and online. However, he has gotten so tall that he is at the same height of our friends with kids a few years older. I now have become the master of the hi & lo since he grows out of his clothes in months. I still buy that fabulous piece or two(in a size too big) that our BTS moms in the know showcased last week but I mix it with brands such as Childrens Place(great thermal tees and pajamas) and H& M. Thankfully H&M (above photo) is now online, so much easier to purchase. I can never find anything left for boys at the store here in NYC, online I  found the sizes I need in the essentials I am looking for such as jeans and tees. These pieces will go with the end of sale clothes I bought last year at 70-90% off and they are really cute!

Hi & Lo resources:

Children's Place: Affordable outerwear, long sleeve tees, socks , leggings. 

H& M: Stylish clothes that are fun. Colorful skinny's, chic leggings , great sweaters and shoes.

American Apparel: Tees, leggings that can be worn now and layered in the winter.

Thred Up: Gently worn clothes at a fraction of the price.


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