My picks from the Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target Collection

September 04, 2013



I was pretty impressed with Phillip Lim's 3.1 Target collection. I am a huge fan and pretty excited that he is doing this for Target. The pieces are very in sync with all of his popular designs. The items I love the most and feel will get the most use are the pieces for the men. I especially adore this unisex leopard caryall.  I can see this as a great mom bag or a hospital baby bag. The tees and cardigans for the men are begging to be part of my wardrobe for fall and are just the classics I am in need for. The high tops also come in white and but if you want them definitely figure out what your size will be in mens. I was lucky enough to get invited to the pre-shop event however I will be home with the boy that night while my lucky assitant shops her heart away. I do plan on going online on September 15th when the line goes live, hopefully the site doesn't crash or my poor mother in- law will have to hear me beg and go shop in Missouri as she has done in the past. I know she's the best. All my picks are under $60!

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