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September 13, 2013

This week was a bit nutty and I have to say I am glad its winding down. I have mentioned before that my son receives speech therapy and has high energy. He hasn’t been diagnosed with anything such as ADHD (yet, eek) but because he needs to focus a bit better he is receiving special services. This means hours, and I mean HOURS on the phone. Chasing this person to get approval for this, finding this service to work with my schedule or my husband’s. I try not to make personal calls at work since it is such a fast paced environment and hardly the time to take care of my issues but this week I had no choice. My co-workers were understanding and kept giving me looks of reassurance as I took call after call dealing with the DOE or the many coordinators that I need to work with to make sure my son receives the support he needs. Since we just went from private school to public, this is important that he can thrive in what is one of the best public schools in my neighborhood. As I had a conversation with his SEIT yesterday (one of about 4 this week) we both agreed at how amazing my son is doing at his new school. He is loving it and the environment. We have been so lucky that we have had only amazing teachers since he started nursery school. They have been vital to helping this little ball of energy to be abe to sit down and read books and fit in with the other kids.

So as I was at the cusp of having a mini break down from dealing with what can sometimes be frustrating conversations I caught myself from going over the edge. I still have two phone meetings in the next few days, one on a Saturday and I do this because he’s worth it. I love this little boy like you wouldn’t believe; I’ll fight for him to get the education he deserves. I love hearing stories from my guy friends who tell me how wild they were as kids and that if it weren’t for their mom making sure they weren't label they wouldn’t be who they are now. I take this to heart and then make myself a cup of tea, sit down and make the next phone call .

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