Kid tested chicken nuggets worthy enough for the kiddos

September 18, 2013

It's tough to fine a good chicken nugget. Some brands are frankly questionable while others my son just won't eat. I was sent these Kidfresh Super Duper Nuggets to try. I waited a bit for we have gluten free chicken nuggets in the freezer but I find myself making bribes to get him to  clear them off his plate. Although not gluten free I felt the hidden veggies were worth a try. The verdict? A hit. My son ate them so fast and he did this every time I served them. There is even less salt in the nuggets in comparison to what I usually serve so it wasn't the salt that made him love them so much. My guess is that the hidden veggies give them a kick that the others do not have and frankly they look healthy and not processed which is why they will be our new food staple.

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