8 kids coats from fall to winter.

October 07, 2013

My sister works for a major coat company, yet every winter I somehow have found myself buying a coat at the last minute for the boy. The main reason is by the time winter has hit he has grown a size, this has happen for the last 3 winters. This winter I am determine to be prepared and buy now. I know it's great to buy on sale yet I have found that when the cold hits it hits hard and I want a great coat that serves the purpose of warmth from the chilliest December morning to a February snow storm. I find that H&M has really up the ante in the outerwear department, they have great styles along with Jcrew and our neighborhood own Smoochie Baby. Smoochie Baby really got me out of a bind last winter with a great puffer coat and with our own fave Cute Attack there are some stylish light weight picks that are great if you like to layer. I didn't include Patagonia, the company my sister works for, however their down coats offer insane warmth, I especially love this one.

Here are MB's picks!

1. H&M Girls Padded Functional Jacket

2. Jcrew Girls’ Toggle Puffer

3. Jcrew Kids Girls’ Furry Hooded Puffer in Camo

4. Jcrew Boys’ Puffer Jacket in Camo

5.  H&M Padded Parka

6. Jcrew Boy’s Expedition Parka in dried timber

7. Jordon Ultra Light Light Toddler Jacket via Smoochie Baby

8. Munster Kids Madness Jacket via Cute Attack!



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