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October 01, 2013


Hello Motherburg Readers,

Well you made it through September – congratulations! Really, take a moment to think about this past month. You’ve come a long way since September 1st. Whether you’ve met the new school teachers, you’ve gotten into a routine with making lunches or found a place to get together with new moms and your babies, you’ve moved ahead. So on this note of moving onward and upward, this post will continue with the topic of pre-reading skills. Below are some more strategies to build pre-reading skills in young children:


ŸTalk about how and why things go together. For instance: Get your toothbrush. Yup that’s for brushing your teeth. We need to put something white on that toothbrush. Is it glue? No. Is it snow? No, oh no, you’re right, it’s toothpaste, okay where is it?

  • ŸNotice big and small things in your environment: Look Dora has a backpack just like you. Dora’s backpack is purple. Check out your backpack – its it purple too?
  • ŸUse your reading time to point out, describe and wonder about pictures depicted and what will happen next.

my good friend Adrienne’s kids: Max (chewing), Oliver (turning the page) and me (reading)



  • Ÿ Find your inner singer: bust out nursery rhymes both old and new. Don’t be bashful, make up your own songs, whether rhyming or not. Have your children add a made up word or a funny sound, the sillier the better. 
  • Ÿ Be sure to follow the words along with your finger while reading. Even your very little ones will love this and begin to point along too.
  • Ÿ Try something new, like reading children’s poems together (short ones, funny ones, rhyming ones) or looking for letters in new places beyond books, such as cereal boxes or juice containers.

my niece Laurenne, reading and riding. I know this photo seems staged, but my mom randomly took this picture last month.


Here are some great resources for children’s books:


If you have a specific speech or language question that you’d like answered, please send your questions to I’ll do my best to include it in the next write up. Thanks, as always, for reading this post! Till next time, take care.


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