Fall clothes for the Brooklyn mom (and beyond)

October 14, 2013

It took me ten years living in New York to finally buy a black fall coat. Coming from a sunshine state I was use to wearing clothes with color and print, happy clothes my co-workers would exclaimed. I would say that now I have a balance wardrobe of neutrals and prints. The solid palette works longer and if you know me you may notice I wear the same things over and over for I just tend to rework my wardrobe with great pieces that have multiply uses. I also like no fuss cuts but with a twist in the design department. Which is why I love the top from Zara with the leather pockets. I'd wear that to work with a leather skirt and jeans on a Saturday morning. I am a sucker for the printed jean, I love that they bring a wardrobe up a notch and find them perfect for moms since they are quite comfortable. The leopard coat is perfect if most of your wardrobe consists of solid-classic pieces for this coat is fun yet chic. I am a believer in the hat and I'm thinking of getting a more dressier version of the baseball hat I wear any chance I get. The navy Baggu tote is perfect for all year round and the gap boot, $100? Finally a well made boot that isn't $400 plus. 

 The deets:

1. Leopard Boid Ovoid Coat via Topshop

2. Three Tone Necklace via Zara

3. 1968 Tie-Dye Legging Jeans via Gap

4. Baggu Tote (sold out online at Baggu, hope it comes back soon!)avail here

5.Top With Leather Pocket via Zara

6. Fairends Flannel Baseball Hat via Madewell

7. Suede Zipped Booties via Gap


Top Photo via Frech Voguettes Tumblr

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