Q& A with Fourth Love Founder Susan Cho

November 04, 2013

MB:: It is so nice to find a maternity line based in NYC. How did (what inspired) you to start Fourth Love?
Susan Cho: After my second pregnancy, I decided that it was time to start my own company so that eventually, I would have the flexibility to spend more time with my children. I also have a family history in fashion which has given me sensibility and courage to enter this market. And for years, I have heard friends and co-workers share their disappointment when it came to maternity clothing. That's when I decided to create a line that could be so versatile that would take any expectant woman from work to dinner and to weekend brunch effortlessly.

As I started to build my plan, I realized that as mothers we have a greater sense of responsibility for helping shape of children's future. With that in mind, I decided that the core of our brand would always be rooted in both local and global social causes.

MB: Is it hard to keep the labour of making the line in USA?
Susan Cho: When it comes to manufacturing, the USA has huge potential and the right talent to make it more viable than ever. In fact, a lot of other countries are seeking more made in USA products. Throughout the years, I have also noticed that our domestic brands tend to have a character and a human side which consumers are starting to appreciate. It is made by a human to another human with family, kids and dreams.

MB: What are some of the first few pieces you feel a pregnant woman should start with building her maternity looks?
Susan Cho: When you find out you are expecting, the first thing that you will need to purchase is a comfortable pair of pants. I personally live in my leggings so the first item in my collection was the essential leggings. I'd also recommend buying a comfortable pair of denim with a belly panel which should last most women through the end of pregnancy. Once you are entering your second trimester, you will start looking for soft knit tops and dresses. Many women love the body hugging dresses and tops which make any pregnant woman look stunning. A loose-fitted knit is also a great alternative and will stay in your closet past pregnancy.
MB: Any suggestion from Fourth Love on what to wear for the holidays?
Susan Cho: If you are feeling classy and sophisticated, you can go for the Little Black Dress which can be dressed up with heels or boots. It is a very basic look that can be transformed with some accessorizing.
If you feel more daring, and don't mind standing out in the crowd, our Gold Coast V-neck dress is both comfortable and sophisticated. The leather piping takes the dress a notch up, and makes a basic knit dress look more edgy and fun. 
Thank you Susan for sharing Fourth Love with us!

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