4 items that save you time and money.

October 28, 2013

What's in my bag of tricks as not only a mom but as a stylist? Quite a lot, however it always comes down to a handful of products that not only get me out of a bind when working, but are used weekly in the Ladd household. 

Baby Powder:This is a trick I learned from on set styling. I use baby powder to cover up quick stains on light fabrics when I am basically wearing the item and need to get out of the house. Just sprinkle powder on the stain and lightly pat the area. The powder tends to blend in and minimize the stain. 

OXO Brite: This powder is a miracle worker. I soak my son's stain riddled shirts and pants in OXO with a bit of detergent and with out fail they are either stain free or are minimized enough and can be worn again.

Stitch Witchery: Stitch Witch as my mom calls it. I have been using this for well over 20 years. Pants can be hemmed without a needle, all you need to do is first iron the seam of where you like to hem, place the ribbon in the folds of the hem and gently iron. I've had hems stay in for at least 5 washes.

Kiwi Express Shine: Unless your leather goods need some serious replenishing I suggest using this quick shine. I just had a hand bag re- conditioned and honestly it doesn't look much different. I should have just stuck to my shine sponge that always perks up my old bags and shoes and costs no more then $6/$7, lesson learn.

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