Q& A with Stay In Brooklyn NY

October 31, 2013


We always have family visiting us and and finding places for them to stay is always a challenge. This is why I was so excited to learn about Stay in Brooklyn NY, a new site where you can list your place to be rented or find a place to stay in Brooklyn! Grace Dunn who created Stay In Brooklyn NY shares with MB a bit of insight on how it all works. Thanks Grace!

MB: What inspired you to create Stay in Brooklyn NY?

Grace: Stay In Brooklyn NY was inspired by my love for my friends and family in the states and abroad. Over the past 12 years I have accommodated many, and when my house overflowed with family and friends, I realized it was a bit challenging finding a place to stay for those I could not accommodate. There was no seamless platform I could use to find accommodations, so I created one. Stay In Brooklyn NY is a professional platform for people to showcase their real estate offerings and all those interested in staying in Brooklyn.

MB: How does it work?

Grace: The www.stayinbrooklynny.com is website where members can market their property and connect directly to property seekers. Members can choose to list their property starting 7 days to 1 year and pay a listing fee.
On the website is a List Your Property button. Once the user's name and email has been completed the website will send an email to verify the user's information.
New Members receive a customized listing page to:

  • Unlimited amount of postings
  • Upload and edit 16 photos
  • List amenities/description
  • List rates/cost
  • Outline housing polices
  • Add local neighborhood information
  • Manage inquires
  • Cellphone and Tablet friendly
  • Manage availability calendar and seasonal bookings rates
  • Link to other websites and calendars
  • Property seekers can search properties by area, date, and special request

MB: How has the response been?

Grace: The response has been great!! I have support from my large network of friends and family, especially those from overseas. This type of self-service website platform is a new concept to most and much of the feedback has been optimistic. The thought of having a seamless and user friendly platform to showcase their housing offerings has many talking. We still have a lot of promoting and educating to do, however we are off to a good start. The site currently has a few listings in the areas of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Ditmas Park, Prospect Lefferts, and Bedford Stuyvesant. In addition, my family and friends are eager to use the site so that when they visit Brooklyn finding a place to stay is easy.

MB: Any tips on navagating the site?

Grace: We made our site very seamless and user friendly. Just choose your neighborhood and property type and the rest is as simple as staying in Brooklyn.

MB: Any plans on expanding?

Grace: Of course! Yes we plan to expand. New York City is the greatest city in the world and we want to create a platform for those who wish to see this great city to have a great place to stay!


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