True (mom) Beauty.

November 01, 2013

I was on the train this morning and overheard two women (I’ll call them the others) discussing another woman’s outfit. They were clearly judging her for not being as well dressed or put together as they looked. Honestly, the woman they were judging was a bit of a hot mess, literally it is humid here in New York this morning and it was hard not to break a sweat. She was carrying a scooter so my guess is she had just dropped off her child. The two others looked amazing, perfect hair and lovely clothes. Good for them. But does this mean they have the right to critique another woman? My guess is the scooter woman is a mother, she looked it, and we mothers can suss out other mothers. We are the mothers who once had perfectly coiffed hair, clothes with out stains. Maybe a few of us were once like the others, perhaps it took becoming mothers to realize that yes, we all want to look fabulous, not really for others to be happy but for us to feel put together for the day.  But our priorities are so far from what we look like. I myself am clearly not aligned with the others so I know the scooter mom probably could care one bit what is said about her lack of fashion. We have the prize you see. The happy faces when we pick up our children. The squeals of delight from the little things in life. What the others don’t realize is that it isn’t a contest. We have our good days and bad days in the style department. We’re not numb, like everyone else we really love those good days. The scooter mom with her stain top and sweaty hair? She sat in her seat completely oblivious to the others and their judgments with a content smile on her face.


Posted by Donna

Photo: (via Germán Garsco)

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