Happy Weekend.

November 01, 2013

This weekend:

Vintage Crawl is here!

Pumpkin Smash

Support our runners at the marathon, course map.

Good To Know:

Because we need more pizza, park luncheonette has 24hr pizza 

McCarren Ice Skating Hours are Here!

Day Light savings is Sunday, here are some old posts from our sleep section.


Above Photo from The Glow, part of 7 Best Mom Blogs For Style

How Different are Boys and Girls Brains?


Upcoming Caribou Classes:

Cloth Diapering Made SimpleSat Nov 2, 16 and 23, 10am -$10 with $10 store credit on in-store purchases the day of the event. Sign up here. Take the confusion out of cloth diapering, it is easier than you think! This 45 minute seminar will teach you about the various types of cloth diapers, how many you need, how much it will cost, and what to do with the poop! Babies welcome!

Babywearing for Newborns:  Sat Nov 2, 16 and 23, 11:15am - $10 with $10 store credit on in-store purchases the day of the event. Sign up here. People have used baby carriers for thousands of years for a reason. Babywearing allows parents to attend to the needs of their baby while also getting things done. In this 45 minute seminar, we will introduce the five best carriers for newborns, show you why we love them, and help you choose the best one for your family.

Babywearing TrainingSat Nov 9 and Sun Nov 1010am - $400, Sign up here. Taught by the Babywearing Institute, you will learn aspects of babywearing for baby's psychological, emotional, and physical development and more, how to communicate well with parents and children, and how to match the proper carrier with the wearer for babywearing success. You'll explore and discuss a great deal of baby carriers and wrap tying methods with many of the major brands of the primary types of soft cloth carriers. 

Childbirth Education Weekend Intensive:  Sat Nov 2nd and Sun Nov 3rd12:30-6pm. $350, Sign uphere. Offered by Birth Day Presence, this class is designed to prepare expectant parents for the labor experience. 

Combating the Cold with BabySat, Nov 16th12:30pm, FREE, Sign up here. Get advice on how to keep yourself and your baby warm, healthy and safe this Winter season at this free information session. 

Eat, Drink, DOULA!  Sun, Nov 17th 3pmFREE! Sign up here. Come meet BirthFocus doulas at their FREE doula open house!! BirthFocus understands the process involved in choosing the right doula to join women and their families on a most intimate experience, the birth of a baby! At this FREE “Eat, Drink, DOULA” open houses, they give pregnant women, and their partners, a chance to learn more about their doula practice and to connect intimately with several doulas through one on one interviews. They lovingly refer to these events as "speed dating for doulas" as each expecting couple will have a chance to meet with 4-5 doulas, of varying experience levels, throughout the event. 

Infant, Child and Adult CPR Training and CertificationSat, Nov 23rd, 11:30am, $80-$100, Sign uphere. Provided by Baby Be Safe, this class is intended for Moms, Dads, nannies, or anybody else who watches your baby or cares for your family. You will learn the skills for prevention, recognition, and treatment for choking (Heimlich), respiratory, and cardiac emergencies (CPR) for infants and children. There will also be hands on practice using infant and children mannequins. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to either learn for the first time or to brush up on your infant CPR and first aid skills.



Above Photo by Kelly Stuart

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