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December 09, 2018

I met Denise of A Brooklyn Babe by chance while we were both walking out of a subway station on our way to the same parenting event. I saw this beautiful mother while she was navigating her toddler daughter up the stairs of a Brooklyn subway station and recall thinking she is so stylish, how is she able to look so put together while holding up her babe in a stroller?!

And like most mom relationships I have gotten to know more about Denise by following her Instagram. I find myself wanting to drink matcha, do more yoga and eat better when I visit her feed. When I am having a bad day, I will visit her IG or blog and enter into more calm energy after reading one of her mantras. Now that I know her better I know that she works towards being grounded as a mom to her two babes and is honest about her journey which is why she is a mother who inspires me. I am always thankful for the mothers I have met through this mom community, and A Brooklyn Babe is no exception. Thank you, Denise, for taking the time to share more about Brooklyn Babe.

MB: What is A Brooklyn Babe all about?

A Brooklyn Babe : I created a brooklyn babe as a way for me to share what I’m passionate about and create a community of wellness for all. I’m passionate about self-care, kindness, yoga, healthy eating, motherhood, matcha, Brooklyn and so much more. This community means so much to me, we are all fully human and deserve safe spaces to honor ourselves and each other. A brooklyn babe is all about living in the now, being kind to yourself and others and having fun!

MB: How did studying to become a doula come about? Do you feel that it has changed how you teach/share about wellness?

A Brooklyn Babe: When I was pregnant with my first child, I read a book entitled Mama Glow by Latham Thomas. It opened my eyes to doula work and pregnancy on another level. I was introduced to this amazing and nurturing world of doulas self-care and really a way of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit in a way I never fully considered. I have had a dream in my heart to care for women from a very young age I just never knew in what capacity. When I discovered doula work, I was sure that this was a piece of the puzzle. I really connected with the mission of this sacred work. Now I’m honored to be learning under Latham Thomas and her Mama Glow doula program. The deeper I delve into the hidden treasures of doula work and connecting with and supporting women in this way the more I’m transformed into my personal wellness practices. It’s inevitable because most of the techniques I will use with my clients has to be something I’m personally connected to and have practiced. It has to be inside me so I can pour it into others. For example, I’ve deepened my meditation practice and explored new directions in this space so that I can show up even more grounded and calm for my clients and share meditation with them from a place of experience and growth.

MB: For us mothers who are so stressed and do not even know the first step on being more present and chill, what would be your advice on how to just begin?

A Brooklyn Babe: Start with five minutes a day of being fully present. It will take time, and some days you will feel like it’s impossible or like you’ve failed- keep going. Be in the now, take that moment as it is whether you’re enjoying hot tea, cold coffee or the breakfast scraps from your toddlers' plate. Savor that moment without thinking of what came before or what’s to come next. Each day when you get a little time to do what you can take a bath, eat a candy bar. Go to the bathroom by yourself LOL!! Whatever you can manage in that day take that time to think of nothing else by that moment and enjoy it, that’s how you start caring for yourself.

MB: Since we are about sharing on Brooklyn mothers and where we live what can you share about what you love about your neighborhood? Is there anything we need to visit? Try?

A Brooklyn BabeI love Brooklyn, we have friends in close proximity and our favorite cafe Little Skips East where mama gets oat milk matcha, and the kids get their occasional dough donuts!

I also love Daya Yoga Studio for when I get a mama moment to myself.

MB: Lastly, how do we connect with you?

A Brooklyn BabeThe best way to connect with me is on Instagram @abrooklynbabe where I’m sharing my daily adventures, health and wellness tips, events, services I offer and family fun. You can also check out www.abrooklynbabe.com for more!

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