10 Kid Approved Backpacks for BTS!

August 22, 2017



This year for BTS there are some serious great backpack options so of course it was tough to narrow down to our favorite 10. Alas, we manage to comb through all the great ones out there and pick these babies. 

Blush with splash of metallic: Herschel is one of MB's favorite brands if not thee favorite. This mother has learned her lesson after cheapening out a few school years back and having the bag fall apart within weeks. My oldest is just too hard on his things in general so sturdy and well made is best, plus we pass all our backpacks down to siblings and cousins.
The Heritage style is geared toward ages 3-6. Good for the  kids that are not quite in that cutesy owl bag stage yet not ready for the big kids bags.  Herschel Heritage™ Kids in  Strawberry Ice/Reflective Rubber.

Space-y: This heavy duty bag is designed with a lot of thought.... rugged thick material, suede bottom panel, double pull zippers and straps that are shaped to fit the shoulders better. Favorite details is hands down the 360 degree reflectivity for low light visibility, important for us city moms who are at times picking up in the evening hour. Kids There & Backpack via Hanna Andersson.

Pizza Delivery: (hey, this is new York , we had to) : A great option from Herschel for the 7 and up age range.
We like this design as a non bulking option...you see these little beings carrying these crazy large bags which is unavoidable as I know my son is expected to carry quite a load now that he is a 'big kid'. This bag is made well and still has plenty of room for your babe's everyday essentials and then some. Herschel Retreat™ Youth backpack In Pizza.


Monster: Totally understand this pick may not fall under the sturdy in torrential weather category yet we couldn't resist. There are many monster backpacks out there yet this furry one from Zara feels fun and definitely brings some whimsical to you're little's daily outfit. Faux Fur Monster via ZARA 

Girl (and boy) Power: The superhero du jour is Wonder Woman and this bag does our favorite lady justice (pun attended)! This bag is made with the high quality materials and design mentioned in the  Kids There & Backpack .This is special edition so get it while it lasts. Justice League WONDER WOMAN™ Kids Backpack - Biggest


Out of this Galaxy: This is a perfect backpack for the newest student in daycare or early 2's. These small backpacks tend to need daily wipes as sticky little fingers, leaked bottles are a thing at this age. Made of 100% polyester this is the perfect fabric for easy clean ups. Outer Space Backpack via Land of Nod

Camo Land: We did camouflage two years in a row as it is a pretty popular print amongst the kiddies. This design is a nice twist with brush like strokes in camo colors imprinted on canvas. So sturdy yet stylish which our Brooklyn kids never seem to lack . Bang Camouflage Backpack via Stella McCartney

Stormy : States bags, known for every bag purchased, a packed with essentials backpack is hand delivered to an American child in need. So a win - win for all.

Now for this BTS season State has gone to the dark side and partnered with Star Wars! Included in this collection are the ever popular Storm Troopers in the fav Mini Kane. We find the Mini Kane style perfect for Pre-school 3's to Kindergarten kids. MINI KANE STORMTROOPERS via State Bags.


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