Beauty: Two Game Changing Oils

January 18, 2018

Winters are usually not very kind to the skin and hair, this season with intense snow storms and the icy weather here on the East Coast these conditions have taken a toll on my skin and hair. Other factors like stress and sleepless nights as most moms know will start to show up on and around our faces. Not cool. I have long been a fan of oils especially on my face but have felt that my usual routine was not holding up. Which meant time to test some products.
I chose two oils. For the face, I have been using the Josie Maran Argan Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Treatment Concentrate for almost two months and hair the Ouai Hair Oil.

Results? Immediate. Within a few days of use, I started to see that my skin was no longer looking dull. The product boasts that this oil will help with radiance and dullness and no joke, I felt like my skin was radiant. It just looked healthy and although I am still tired (the toddler is the culprit on that one) I felt that my skin was still lovely and smooth. So win on this product.

For the hair. I had never heard of Ouai Hair products, and I'm honest here when I confess I purchased it because the bottle is pretty. It is pretty, right?! Well, it works like a dream. My hair wasn't too dry, but, with apartment heat and crazy weather, it was eventually going to go this direction. First I had a few inches cut off of dead ends, so this felt pretty good and immediately started on the hair oil. This oil has been a game changer, and I plan to use it indefinitely. It is that good. Hair is smooth; I even had friends touch it so they can feel how soft it felt the first few days of use. I have used many oils in the past, but none have had this effect. The brand uses African Galanga, Ama and Asian Borage oils which they state helps with retaining hair color and damaged hair. You can use this oil overnight or when wet. This post turned into a bit of a story feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions about the products. Here's to looking less tired in 2018.

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