10 Backpacks for Back To School (and not one is over $50)!

August 12, 2018



Backpacks. This school essential has cropped up at stores and online reminding us that the return to school is on the horizon. We've been covering backpacks for well over a decade, longer if you count the years spent editing and stying kids fashion stories. This is before marriage and kids, so safe to say we know backpacks. We also know that if you want a particular backpack for your child, the chances of being able to impose your style choice is when they are young unless you are lucky and your kid can't be bothered on choosing a backpack. Lucky you!

Another factor to take in about the backpack is budget, we have gone the spendy route, and the cheap and really both have their pros and cons. This does not include the clothes, shoes and yes, the backpack. The great thing about the selection of backpacks this season is that there at many options that fit most budgets. We found 10 that we love and all are under $50.


Eco Kid
This Parkland Edison Kids Backpack is made entirely from plastic bottles. A-mazing. Measuring at 13.5in x 9.5in x 4.5in it is Ideal this is an excellent pick for ages preschool to kindergarten. There is name tag inside the backpack for your kiddos name and an interior divider which is perfect for fitting sippy cups and snacks on one side and miscellaneous 'things' like artwork on opposite side.

Recycled Decco style via Amazon

Don't be too Catty
We adore this kitty for being a great option if you are searching for a cool animal backpack yet want one with less glitter/fringe and more streamlined. Made of durable cotton that is water resistant this backpack is recommended for kids 48inches and taller. Although great for the kindergarten and older set we like it as the backpack that goes in the cubby or on a hook that holds everything...you know what we are talking about, the extra clothes, diapers, and a lunch box.
Emily & Meritt Metallic Gold Kitty Backpack via Pottery Barn Kids

This Cat & Jack backpack is listed as a girl's option yet we wouldn't hesitate to have one of our boys sport it. It oozes a more gender-neutral vibe in our opinion. We like this sweet denim bag as a preschool/daycare as it is quite small (13 inches in height ) for the recommended age of 5 and up. We all know that as kids go up a grade, their backpacks seem to grow more significant than the scale of their bodies which is why it may be more ideal for the younger kiddies. Also, keep your receipt as the Cat & Jack brand has a one year guarantee on all their products.
Imagine Dome Mini Backpack Cat & Jack via Target

Baby's First Backpack
For being our smallest backpack option, this Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch bag holds it owns, literally. Side mesh pocket for a baby bottle or sippy cup. There is a front pocket for pacifiers or wipes with a roomy main compartment for a snack or lunch boxs and padded shoulder straps for comfort.
Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch Backpack via Crate & Kids

Minty Fresh
With this backpack pick, we are entering into the big time where the backpacks need to be high functioning. Lands End takes pride in their curated bags for kids every year as they should for their offerings are no joke. This ClassMate Large Backpack (18"H x 13"W x 10.5" D) is made of a durable, 600 count denier polyester. Perfect for elementary and middle school kids there is a two zippered main compartment, this helps the hurried kid to open their bag and get moving along to learning quickly! Plenty of pockets for all their essentials as well as shoulder straps that are padded, they'll need this as some kids pass third grade will now be entering into a grade where they have a homeroom class, going from one subject to the next having to carry their bag along with them throughout the school day. Excellent return and exchange policy, merely return if not happy with a purchased backpack.
ClassMate Large Backpack via Land's End

How do you like them (Pine) apples?
We're veering off subject here a bit however if you ever purchased a designer bag especially one from an Italian designer you'll know that if something happens to that bag you can send it back and it will come back to you fixed. It's pretty incredible. This is how JanSport rolls. Which is why this brand may have been made for our 'energetic' kids. Simply send it in, and they'll fix it or send you back a replacement. Frankly, this is huge to us not only as parents but as consumers. Now about these pineapples. Who doesn't love pineapples? Super fun and measuring at 16.7''H x 13''W x 8.5''D this bag is a nice size for kids second grade and up.
JanSport Superbreak Backpack via Kohl's

You had us at Glow
A backpack that has a highlight, reflector or is like this Jcrew glow-in-the-dark backpack is an instant mom fav. Being based in Brooklyn, our kids walk a lot, and at least with the older kids it seems they start going for more dark backpacks, so a bit of light is an added plus.
Kids' glow-in-the-dark space-print backpack via Jcrew

A Classic

This is an excellent choice if searching for a classic backpack that has a utilitarian vibe. It is an also a great pick if you are searching for an affordable bag that you can trick out by adding patches or a cool crafty DIY design so your babe can sport his/her one of kind this school year.

Backpack via HM

A great option if looking for a printed backpack that has a bit of a grown-up feminine print to it. Measuring 17 inches in height, this is for the big kid who needs ample room for school and after-school items as well as a laptop.
Rip Curl Ophelia Backpack via Zappos

In the Pink
Millenial pink is everywhere, and weirdly we are not sick of it. It is just so darn pretty which is why if Herschel, one of the best backpack brands designed their popular Daypack style in this hue then this pink is going to be a favorite shade (again) for this school year. Super sleek in its design its made of a washed cotton canvas, this is a nice pick if your child does not want a lot of clutter to their bag.

Daypack via Herschel

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