A City moms dream stroller: Britax B-Lively

October 02, 2018

Winter is coming. Which is hard to wrap around this mom's brain as we are hitting almost 80 degrees today. Alas, before we know it we will soon be in frigid weathers, and we're a family still in strolling mode.

My 2 1/2-year-old has a love-hate relationship with walking. He likes the idea of walking, does the body lunge forward action to get out, yet he only wants to walk for X amount time before he asks to be carried or to go back to the stroller where he can relax at the cost of someone (moi) else dealing with the transportation. This is why I have one goal this season when it comes to a stroller; I want to be able to easily open and collapse a not so heavy stroller. Being able to collapse a stroller and hold it with one hand will help me to easily hop on the bus/train more often when on the go. Although I have loved my stroller since my youngest boy was in the wee stage he is one husky toddler and has outgrown our current stroller. This is why I decided to test the Britax B- Lively stroller which is an updated version of their popular B-Agile stroller.

I am going to state first that I love this stroller and have already stuck the chi chi - spendy stroller in a corner. At 20 pounds it is about the same weight of our last stroller and this is definitely lightweight for a well made sturdy stroller, however if you live in an urban neighborhood any stroller while dealing with a 30 plus pound toddler is rough, this is just city stroller life. What I love about this stroller is that it took about 5 minutes to assemble, it is very easy to open and close which means goal accomplished. What also impresses me about this stroller is the all-wheel suspension, the ride feels super smooth and some of these streets are so great to stroll in here in Brooklyn and the wheels feel sturdy. The five-point harness is easy to clip on the wiggly toddler who seems to feel more at ease in this stroller with plenty of room in the leg area.

I tested the Britax B-Lively stroller with the sole purpose of finding a great pick for the on the go city parent, you know the one that strolls in a snowstorm? This is it! I also found that this stroller has many attributes that work for the suburban mom as well as the new parent with a newborn so this is definitely a stroller worth checking out. 

Other key features include:
Lined Parking Brake
Linked Parking brake (both wheels lock with one)
Mesh breathable canopy (peak a boo window)
Large Storage Basket
2 Year Warranty
Comes with car seat adaptors for Britax and BOB infant car seats.

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