Baby crawling? 5 crawling musts!

December 12, 2016



Nothing is more exciting than when your baby hits developmental milestones. Sitting is adorable! You dress them in a cute outfit and they sit there. You can take a picture of a cute toothless grinning baby (or a few teeth grin). And it's just so cute. 

Then they start to move. They rock on on 4 and soon they are crawling. And it's like whoa!  Wait a minute! I need to baby proof!  Don't scratch your knees up! Don't eat that piece of pepperoni you found under the couch (I'm not the only one, right??). Don't splash in the dog's water dish. Yikes! And you take a blurry picture of a baby on the go. 

Here are Motherburg's top picks for crawling babies:


A gate with hardware  A bit more expensive vs a tension gate, but super secure, easy to install, and it doesn't kill your décor.  

Outlet protection  I love an outlet that is extra functional.


A tunnel  Stick your head at the one end of the tunnel. And baby will be delighted to come and get you. This may take a few weeks or months of crawling. But once your babe is comfortable with the tunnel you will have great fun with this simple (and easy to store!) toy.


Fun, protective pants  This super cute Opie Pants (made here in NYC!) are also super functional. Not only do they have reinforced knees, but it's made of a slip resistant fabric so your babe won't slide and flop as they start moving.


A mirror I love watching a baby crawl to a mirror and then see a baby!  They get excited. As does their image. Which results in more excitement. Try it. 


Older kiddos? My tip: My older two are 22 months apart and while it was nutty at times, it was also easy because it was just baby and toddler toy mania. Now, with a wee one home with a 5 and 7 year old - I'm dealing with tiny toys - legos and shopkins and Barbie shoes - and so I'm constantly crawling around my house to see what my babe can find. We try to have 'safe places' for our tiny toys - tables, the top of the bunk bed, in a room where the baby doesn't go. I'm sure I sound like a broken record with my older two. But babies will put anything and everything in their mouth. And you need to be super careful. So be on the look out!

Post by Erica Young


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