Summer camp: 7 ways to personalize kids belongings!

June 26, 2017



Summer camp, pool days or sleep away in your kid's future? I know that my son's summer camp plans for long days with endless activities which is why on my end I do the best I can to keep track of his belongings. Here are 7 ways you can tag your little ones daily essentials and (hopefully) spend less time at the Lost & Found table.

1. Letter Adhesive: Add a letter sticker to every day items like lunch boxes and water boxes.

2. Alphabet Letter Stickers: Use these fun stickers for folders...pencil cases. Bando Sticker Packet.

3. Patches: Some camps distrubute the same bag... patches allow your child to put their own creative stamp on their carryall. Hello Patch via State Bags.

4. Personalized Labels: I use these labels during the school year and there is always leftover labels for summertime. These cool labels are from Kidecals. I was able to pick the colors I wanted for this particular design. I also swap the text of a phone number for a classroom number, as this is where my child seems to lose all his things.

5. Fabric or Permanent Markers: Sometimes I just give in and write on the tags of the clothing pieces as the amount of lost items is mind boggling. 

6. No- Iron Labels: Super simple. Write your kiddos name or your info and press iron on. This is perfect when your little one is in daycare and clothes are changed daily. Avery No Iron Labels.

7. Washi Tape: I use this crafting tape on the weekly field trips the camp takes as well as snacks or anything last minute such as a pool day. Neon Solid Washi Tape via Papersource





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