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September 26, 2016






In the last year I have been buying baby gifts at least every month as it seems that (at least) in my world there is a baby boom happening. I have always loved baby clothes (who doesn’t?!) and what has been fun about entering back into the world of baby is to see how the clothing market for these wee ones has grown. I would say 7 years ago I only found gender-neutral clothes at the high-end children’s stores. For the most part there were baby blue looks, baby pink looks and hipster looks at mass stores but rarely an in- between. This is why I have been pretty impressed with Old Navy’s baby department and you can find a I have been so impressed that I asked the Old Navy team to send me some baby clothes so I could share these pieces on Motherburg. I not only feel that these are affordable, the value is that you can also get a set or multiply pieces for your purchase. 

I especially love the printed one piece sets as these run $14 to $24, drop crotch leggings (our fav) are usually on sale for under $10 and as a parent (many of you know this!) you may have to change your baby more then once a day. 

Here are a few more of MB fav picks:


Sweater-Knit Animal-Ear Beanie for Baby

2-Piece Printed Tee and Pants Set for Baby

Faux-Shearling Booties for Baby

Patterned One-Piece for Baby

Twill Babydoll Shirt Dress for Baby


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