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December 19, 2016


Growing up, and to be honest, still to this day, my favorite part of Christmas is the stockings. As much as I love a big gift, I find great joy in dumping out the contents of a stocking. All the mini items - it is just so much fun sorting through them.  Here are some stuffers I will be using for my kids this year. 


My 14 month old - I like to take advantage of this tender age where anything excites them, and get some practical items.

Safe Snacker I love that the lid is attached - no more digging through the cabinet to find a match! I also love all the fun colors. 

Zoo Little Kid Training Chopsticks  My big kids love sushi, so of course my little one wants everything they have. I think these cute training chopsticks from the Zoo collection will be a hit. 

Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash  This orange vanilla combo smells so good, I sometimes use it!  

My five year old - luckily he is an easy dude. I'll do a combo of holiday specific stuff and some small things that he's interested in - that are small enough to fit in his stocking. 

Lego Santa Claus Keychain Love this jolly guy in his red suit.  My son may not be ready for a house key. But we can attach this to a zipper on his backpack. 

Plan Cars II I love these compact wooden cars, a great addition to his collection. 

Socks  My son is super into sports. So while socks may be boring - he will love that they are his favorite team. 

Photo: Doozie Stocking

My seven year old - she is tricky!  If it were up to her, she'd have make up and a cell phone. So while I want to embrace her growing independence, she is only 7. 

A bracelet craft kit I love craft gifts. It's the gift that keeps giving. So I'll definitely include a bracelet kit. It's a great activity we can do together. 

Num noms Tiny + Scented = Perfect

Neck Warmer My daughter loves blue and loves to wear fun winter accessories. So this neck warmer is perfect. 


Post by Erica Young

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