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January 30, 2017







I am in a new phase work wise where I am trying to get a handle of my schedule so my family has a less stress madre. I am working on projects I love and feel passionate about and this is what I hope all the years of hard work has led me to. One thing I get to do is meet a fellow mother or a work friend for an early morning coffee at least once a week if my schedule permits. Living in this part of Brooklyn the style quota is pretty high. Just the other morning at a cafe I had never been to in Williamsburg the place seem to be oozing style with little effort. Even the relax style was stylish.

It was inspiring and I care about how I present myself... hey... early morning no work drop offs are another story and I never judge a mother I see in pajama pants, I am frankly jealous! I don't think pjs are in my future as I always have some kind of event or meeting to get too but there are more days now where my style can be more relaxed and comfort can be part of it. Not that the 3/4 inch heels are gone for good, I still have meetings where I can't wear a clog or a jean, however I can have fun on the days no heels are required.

Here are 6 items that I'm loving to help me embrace my new work life:

Chloe Sweater ( this sweater is for inspiration as it's quite spendy however it's so pretty I couldn't resist. Now Zara take note!)

The Race Clog (call stores for availability) via Madewell

Bandana via Madewell

Every Mother Counts Tote Bag via Clare V

Flowing Top via Zara

Enamel Vista Necklace via Jessica Wenzelberg

9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans Button Edition via Madewell



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