The heat is on, keeping baby cool (and safe) .

July 27, 2016

I've done it. Many moms I know have done it. I see it all over the neighborhood. We want to keep our sleeping baby nice and shady while they snooze in the stroller on a hot summer day. So, we drape a thin muslin blanket over the stroller to keep them cool.  It's muslin!  It's thin!  Shade is important, right?  But the experts say no. The shade you are creating is creating something much worse. Dangerous. You are creating an oven. With no air to circulate, temperatures can get dangerously high. So, what can we do?

- Park the stroller in the shade. Even if you park the stroller at a different angle you might find it shadier than the original position.

- Out walking?  Slather on the sunscreen and add an umbrella to the stroller. Cross the street if the other side is shadier. I've been as silly as to cross to the shady side to walk, but cross as needed to shop in stores on the sunny side. Back and forth. Back and forth. But, better to walk in the shade to keep baby (and you!) cooler.

- Make sure the baby is hydrated. Breastmilk, formula, water, soy milk .... Just keep that baby drinking and remember, safety is number one.

- Dress baby comfortably. On these super hot days, I toss fashion out the window (sorry Donna!) and I dress my babe in a simple cotton onesie. No cute shorts. No cute dress. No accessories. Just a diaper and a onesie.

- Soak up some AC. If I'm out walking I try to make frequent stops (drugstores are my favorite!) to cool off in some high powered AC. I browse around. Cool off. And then head back out.

Mamas, make sure you take care of yourself too!  Water. A comfy outfit. A floppy hat. Stay cool. And if you have some bigger kids, enjoy some indoor actives too. Personally, I love the library because my big kids can practice their reading skills, and my baby can crawl around on a water ballon/acorn/leaf free surface.

By Erica Young 

Photo: Vogue Paris Outubro 2014 | Mario Testino 

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